Optimal tools for hybrid learning

BETT 2021

Skooler is a K-12 learning tools solution built around Microsoft 365 and hosted in Microsoft Azure. It enhances the powerful functionality and workflow of Teams, OneNote, Word, PowerPoint and more to meet the unique needs of education for online and in-class education.

Teachers and students use one platform that includes tools for educational planning, assignments and feedback. Student and home communication is fully integrated and easily available through the Parent app or parent portal – no need to switch out to a separate email or messaging system.

Skooler intro…

Our tools are integrated with Microsoft 365

Skooler is available on all devices with a single easy-to-deploy solution.

The Skooler App

The Skooler solution also has a full Windows 10 app which takes advantage of some key Windows 10 features, timeline where you can easily go back to previous tasks and pinning people where a teacher can be a few key students to the taskbar for easy access. This app this is available to download for free in Microsoft app store.


All learning tools a classroom needs….available anywhere.

No needs to switch tools all the time

Students can hand-in their assignments directly from Microsoft Word, PowerPoint or Excel with the Skooler Add-in. Teachers can also grade the assignments without ever leaving the application!

Make Microsoft Teams more relevant

Use all Skooler learning tools from inside Microsoft Teams as customized tabs to take advantage of all collaboration features within the unique features of the application.

Involve parents

Involve parents with a simple app for mobile phones or web portal. In the Skooler Parent app parents can see assignments, calendar events, send messages and follow their child’s educational journey.

Integration of Skooler and Microsoft Education technologies

All in one solution

Users don’t experience Skooler and Microsoft 365 as two separate products. This contributes to seamless navigation, so you don’t have to jump back and forth between different logins and applications.

Customer References

The Norwegian School in London

“Now everyone, both teachers and students, uses the same programs and has the same understanding of the programs. Being integrated into Skooler makes it easier for the youngest students to find the right program.”

Cornerstone Christian Academy

“Skooler is wonderful and is a game changer for our school. It is forcing the standards to be adhered to. It is bringing our parents, teachers and technology together like we have never been able to do before.”

Göteborgs Högre Samskola

“With Office 365 and Skooler, the students get help with structuring their school work and they also learn to work with programs that they benefit from in the future.”

Additional Products

With our additional products (add-ons) you can have a seamless and complete user experience.