Show teachers and staff how much you appreciate them during Teacher Appreciation Week

People who choose to become teachers do so because they enjoy helping others succeed and working with children. It’s definitely a labor of love. While teachers deserve our appreciation every day of the year, Teacher Appreciation Week, May 6 to May 10, 2019, gives all of us – as administrators, support staff, parents, students and […]

All parents aboard!

Having consistent communication between teachers and parents is paramount to a child’s success in the classroom. While teachers take the lead in instruction, parents need to be actively involved at home in order to support their child’s educational journey. How critical is teacher-parent communication? According to, “Administrators find that the less a teacher communicates […]

5 Things City and Suburban School Districts Can Learn from their Rural Counterparts (and how EdTech will help you get there…)

There’s a lot of discussion about the urban-rural divide in education. Rural districts often struggle to keep pace as their counterparts in city and suburban public school districts, funded by larger tax bases, can offer their students and teachers more resources. But there are a few key areas where rural school districts really shine. We’ll […]

A look at standards-based assessment vs. traditional grading

It’s difficult for parents and students to understand much of the terminology that’s used in the classroom today when it comes to grading. Rubrics, proficiency grading, learning targets, and formative assessments are just some of the terms used by teachers today. Parents are interested in knowing how their child is doing in school, how they […]

Opening the lines of communication between teachers and parents

Technology has become pervasive throughout society. It’s hard to imagine walking through a store or restaurant and not see most people looking at their phones. You can argue the merits of having so much technology at our fingertips, but for teachers, new forms of technology have changed the education experience for both students and parents. […]

Skooler integration makes Microsoft Teams powerful for education

Microsoft Teams just got better for education with the Skooler integration. With these two tools combined we are looking at a fully-fledged LMS and collaboration tool with an improved workflow. It even has its own bot. The Norwegian tech startup Skooler, with its app integration for Microsoft Teams,  seem to give teachers and school leaders, […]