A look at standards-based assessment vs. traditional grading

It’s difficult for parents and students to understand much of the terminology that’s used in the classroom today when it comes to grading. Rubrics, proficiency grading, learning targets, and formative assessments are just some of the terms used by teachers today. Parents are interested in knowing how their child is doing in school, how they […]

Opening the lines of communication between teachers and parents

Technology has become pervasive throughout society. It’s hard to imagine walking through a store or restaurant and not see most people looking at their phones. You can argue the merits of having so much technology at our fingertips, but for teachers, new forms of technology have changed the education experience for both students and parents. […]

Skooler integration makes Microsoft Teams powerful for education

Microsoft Teams just got better for education with the Skooler integration. With these two tools combined we are looking at a fully-fledged LMS and collaboration tool with an improved workflow. It even has its own bot. The Norwegian tech startup Skooler, with its app integration for Microsoft Teams,  seem to give teachers and school leaders, […]

A paperless classroom gives teachers more time to focus on what they do best: Teaching

If you ask a teacher “What would make your workday better?” you’ll get a list of thoughtful responses. Chances are, one of them would be “A more efficient and organized classroom.” A paperless classroom is just that. Every student in the K-12 education system is a digital native. Why shouldn’t their learning experiences at school […]

Microsoft Teams and OneNote will help simplify a teacher’s life.

For teachers who want to connect with their students and share content with their colleagues, look no further than Microsoft Teams and Microsoft OneNote. Teams and OneNote help teachers stay organized and keep students engaged. But it’s important to understand the differences between the two products and how they simplify teacher’s lives. Microsoft Teams is […]