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Skooler empowers you to transform your classroom by smartly integrating technology into your existing teaching approach. It ensures your valuable time is spent with your students and not troubleshooting tech.

Skooler is tightly integrated with Microsoft tools such as Teams, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. It adds tools for managing your classroom tasks such as distributing weekly plans, assigning student work, grading, and managing parent communication.

Skooler is a powerful tool in your teaching tool belt.


Skooler’s Dashboard is your control center with quick links to curriculum, assignments, grading modules and all key Skooler functions. Also, quickly dive into Microsoft Teams for Education along with Word, Excel and PowerPoint, and integrated classroom tools like Kahoot!


The Assignment modules on the Dashboard enable you to track the status of assignments at a glance. Create assignments along with relevant documents or simply assign tasks. New assignments generate notifications for students along with deadlines. Empower students who miss school for illness to easily track assignments in class. Create tests and re-use test questions from previous years.


Skooler helps you quickly and easily detect the occurrence of plagiarism, the result of students having greater access to vast Internet resources. Simply submit assignments for plagiarism detection. You’ll have peace of mind and save precious time.

Learning Goals

Recording your classroom learning goals is easy with Skooler. Whether you are interested in weekly planning or yearlong goals, classroom-wide or student-by-student objectives. Skooler gives you an easy way to write, track and share plans. You’ll effortlessly keep school administrators, parents and students informed throughout the year.

Skooler Planning Tool
Skooler Academy Nor

Skooler Academy

Making time for ongoing professional development is hard and formal training opportunities are too few and far between. Skooler Academy has your back with web-based training videos covering a wide range from the basics of Microsoft apps like Word, PowerPoint and OneNote to more advanced topics like managing parent communication in Skooler. You have full access to this library of training from home, at school and on your mobile device so you can catch up on your schedule.