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Moodle in Teams

Why Moodle in Teams

In learning institutions where Moodle and Teams are both important parts of the strategy for the virtual learning and working environment, The Moodle App for Teams unites the two.

One deeply integrated virtual learning and working environment:

  • Moodle (Learning): Work with courses in Moodle, as before.
  • Teams (Collaboration): Extend with collaboration functionality and get access to thousands of 3rd party Teams apps.
  • Office365 (Productivity): Get deep integration with Word/Power Point/Excel cloud and destop applications.

The Moodle App for Teams creates a seamless experience for the end-user, working in Moodle and with all Teams feature in one single application.

The Moodle App for Teams allows Moodle administrators to automatically set up a Team for every Moodle course, making all functionality offered through Teams instantly available for every course in Moodle.

The Moodle App for Teams is the official app from Microsoft to connect Moodle into Teams. The app is developed and supported by Skooler, a long-standing trusted Microsoft Gold Partner in Education.

Simple onboarding

Go to https://moodlemanage.skooler.com/ to start the onboarding.

After the Moodle administrator has connected the Moodle installation to the Office 365 instance, everyone can use the Moodle from within Teams.

Integrated login

  • Enter Teams and select the Moodle App in left toolbar.
  • During firstime access, click OpenID Connect and the user will automatically be logged in to Moodle.

Moodle Dashboard in Teams

The Moodle App deliver the complete Moodle dashboard inside Microsoft Teams.

Leverage Teams and Office365 functionality in Moodle

  • Through the left toolbar,the user is one click away from its personal files in OneDrive and calendar in Outlook, which now can be used along with Moodle.
  • In addition, all private calls and chats with students are directly accessible.

One Team per Course, and more…

  • Through the Teams button in the left toolbar, the user will see all Teams they have access to. Typically this will be one Team for each Moodle Course.
  • But, this can also be any other Team which the user have created or been invited into.

All Moodle topics and assignments directly in Teams

  • When accessing a particular Team, corresponding to a Moodle Course, all relevant information from Moodle will be displayed.
  • The user can now use all standard Teams functionality together with Moodle.

Feeds from Moodle diretly in Teams

The Moodle Course Feed and system feed is accessible directly from within Teams.

Moodle course calendar with sync possibilities to Teams calendar

The Moodle Course calendar can be synced into the corresponding Teams/outlook calendar.

Add any tab to Teams

  • The administrator for the Team can add and configure Tabs within the Team.
  • Go to teams appstore and find the Moodle App to configure the Team as you want it.

Customise the team with the tabs you need

Add tabs as suited.

Strong management features

  • Moodle/Teams administrators (or users if allowed) can easily create Teams corresponding to Courses in Moodle.
  • Each topic in Moodle can be created as Channels in Teams.
  • Administrators can bulk-create Teams for every Moodle course.

Moodle Teams App free to use!

The Moodle Teams App by Skooler is FREE to download and use!

Professional services provided by Skooler:

  • Deployment / setup-service: 2500 USD onetime fee (recommended)
  • Updates, new features and full support SLA: 1 USD per user per year
    – Also includes unlimited Teams and Office365 support for Moodle administrators
    – Volume discount will apply
  • Consultancy, customization or development: 150 USD per hour

Want to know more? Contact us at post@skooler.com