Moodle and Teams together

– with the Moodle in Teams app by Skooler

Use Moodle to organize your courses and Microsoft Teams for collaboration, teamwork and availability

In learning institutions where Moodle and Teams are both important parts of the strategy for the virtual learning and working environment, The Moodle in Teams App by Skooler unites the two.

One deeply integrated virtual learning and working environment:

  • Moodle (Learning): Work with courses in Moodle, as before.
  • Microsoft Teams (Collaboration): Extend with collaboration functionality and get access to thousands of 3rd party Teams apps.
  • Microsoft 365 (Productivity): Get deep integration with Word, Power Point, Excel cloud and desktop applications.

The Moodle in Teams App creates a seamless experience for the end-user, working in Moodle and with all Teams feature in one single application.

The Moodle in Teams App allows Moodle administrators to automatically set up a Team for every Moodle course, making all functionality offered through Teams instantly available for every course in Moodle.

The Moodle in Teams App is the official app from Microsoft to connect Moodle into Teams. The app is developed and supported by Skooler, a long-standing trusted Microsoft Gold Partner in Education.

Free for everyone

Our app is free to download, free to install and free to use – for as long as you want. We have a mission to share the best learning tool and make it available for everyone. The free version is made with love and ease-of-use in mind. Download it from the Teams app store today.

Moodle Learning Teams Collaboration Microsoft 365 Productivity
Single sign-on
Single sign-on

Users will be automatically logged into Moodle – no need for multiple log-ins and remembering yet another username-password.


Calls, video, chat, OneDrive, Calendar are only one click away for easy access.

One workspace
One workspace

All relevant information from a Moodle course (topics, assignments etc) is fetched and shown in the corresponding Team.

Be in control
Be in control

A strong management tools allows for only approved admins to manage courses in Teams.

Feature overview

  • Out of the box available in Teams app store
  • Single sign-on with OpenID Connect
  • Runs side by side with OneDrive, Outlook, calls, chats etc
  • Your Moodle course created as a Team
  • Choose any Team and invite your users (students)
  • Your topics and assignments available in Teams
  • See your Moodle course feed in Teams
  • Moodle course calendar in Teams tab
  • Customize your team with Tabs
  • Define templates how Teams are created
  • Create a Moodle topic as a channel in Teams
  • Bulk-create Teams for each Moodle course as admin
  • Create Teams with file upload of Moodle course-ID

Seeing is believing….App overview



You have the freedom to complete the onboarding and configuration of our app by following our comprehensive how-to instructions. We have made it as easy as it can get – all you need is to have Microsoft 365 and Moodle experts available.

Managed by Skooler

We know that you want to focus on your core business and all your day to day activities. That’s why we give you the comfort of having the onboarding managed by Skooler. In the onboarding we focus on being proactive, have well-defined areas of responsibility and be stand-by when you go live with the app.

Upgrade to Premium

If there is one thing that is for sure, it is that education has changed and will continue to change in the coming years. That’s why Skooler is committed to constantly improve our services so you will never be left behind when change happen!

Upgrade to a Service License Agreement and receive:

  • 24/5 support with guaranteed response time
  • Access to all future releases of the app
  • Community membership
  • Possibility to give input to new features
  • Customization of the app
  • Integration to external software
  • Notification in case of unplanned downtime
  • Guaranteed uptime with refund penalties
  • Real-time update of new members of a Team instead of weekly
  • Archive of Teams based on course settings in Moodle
  • Document the required permissions and the reasons for it for Moodle
  • Document the required permissions and the reasons for it for Microsoft 365

Join our Partnership Program

We are committed to supporting the Moodle community and welcome all Moodle partners and others who are hosting Moodle for its customers to join the Moodle in Teams app Partnership Program.
Partnership Program benefits:

  • Grow and protect your Moodle business and customer base
  • Receive leads from Skooler
  • Resell licenses with a profit as a new important product
  • No need for up-front payments or investments
  • Increase your revenue on installation and configuration
  • Invoice your customers and strengthen your relationships
  • Ride the trend of collaboration

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Thomas Andre Molvig leads Skooler’s consultant and advisory operations for colleges and universities to spark engagement on collaboration, efficiency and teamwork. He oversees the ongoing expansion and implementation of the Moodle in Teams app by Skooler.

In his previous work experience, he managed two mobile companies on the African continent and experienced first-hand that education is life-changing when hiring and managing staff. A father of three young children, he has experienced the complex environment of poor collaboration in schools amongst various platforms. For the sake of his own kids and everybody pursuing an education, he has taken on the task to improve the learning environment for teachers and students to make the experience easy, efficient and rewarding.

For more information, email