Technology for the 21st century classroom

The control center for all things Skooler and Office 365, this customized dashboard provides your staff and students a launchpad for learning. Quick links to curriculum, assignments, grading modules and all key Skooler functions. Also, quickly dive into Microsoft Teams for Education along with Word, Excel and PowerPoint and integrated capabilities from cutting edge EdTech like Kahoot!

Native plug-ins for critical Microsoft Office apps allow teachers to review and grade assignments directly from Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Grades are recorded alongside the assignments in the Skooler dashboard and immediately available for school-wide reporting as well as for teachers to release to students and parents via the Dashboard.

Skooler’s absence reporting tool, available on the web or mobile phone, is quick and easy to use for teachers and staff to take attendance in each individual class in addition to marking students absent for entire days. Teachers are able to note any classroom behavior relevant to attendance and all relevant information is available to parents and students via the Dashboard.

An easy to use tool which enables school leaders and teachers to record learning goals and areas of focus at the district, school and classroom level. Additional, weekly plans, can be developed and updated, real-time, in the Dashboard for parents and students. This capability empowers school leaders, teacher, students and parents to be aligned and informed on overall educational objectives annually and week-by-week.
Key to any digital classroom implementation is quickly and easily detecting the occurrence of plagiarism that, unfortunately, can often come with greater access, by students, to vast Internet resources. Skooler’s simple tool allows teachers to submit assignments for plagiarism detection for peace-of-mind.
Skooler’s unique and deep integration with Microsoft Teams ensures schools can augment the collaborative environment Teams provides with the powerful capabilities of Skooler. Skooler assignments, attendance, etc. are cleanly integrated into Teams tabs and innovative Skooler bot services available in Teams Chat enabling innovative new ways for teachers and students to communicate.

Empower teachers to more easily manage assignments and tasks for their students right from their Dashboard. Create assignments along with relevant documents or simply assign tasks. Assignments generate notifications for students along with deadlines. Empower students who miss school for illness to easily track assignments in class. Create tests and search test questions from previous years.

Skooler brings handing in assignments to a new level by enabling students to take action from right within key Office 365 apps or on their mobile phone or tablet. No more downloading, uploading or emailing. Assignments are returned to teachers with a simple click of the mouse.

Customized for parents, this web portal and new mobile app provides parents an overview of their student’s educational journey, including assignments, assessments and relevant status. The parent dashboard and app can also facilitate simple communication between parents, teachers and staff with messaging and notification functionality.

In just a few mouse clicks, school leaders can view comprehensive reporting on attendance, assignments, assessments. Quickly gather information to inform school, teacher and student performance conversations and share information among other schools in a district in a common format.

By bringing together all relevant information for a student into a single document, Skooler’s ILP capability allows teachers and staff to contribute to a single, paperless ILP at their convenience and provide the basis for detailed and supportive parent and staff discussions. Stored in Skooler, ILP documents are readily available and easily transferred from elementary to middle to high school, following the student through her or his educational journey.

Enabling analysis of student grades and assessments, Gradebook allows school leaders to view current and historical student performance filtered by school, grade, subject and class. Information in Gradebook can be easily exported into document form for any outside distribution or analysis.

Skooler Academy offers a comprehensive e-learning portal for Office 365 and Skooler training. Teachers and staff benefit from a constantly updated portfolio of user training, ensuring your staff is ready to take full advantage of the Microsoft and Skooler technology platforms.

Skooler brings helpful tips and guidance directly into the web and app experience, making training part of the daily user experience. Every day your teachers and staff use Skooler, they learn how to more effectively implement this powerful set of tools.

Skooler had a blast at ISTE 2018 in Chicago!

From the teachers we met to the EdTech trends we saw, we couldn’t have asked for a more inspiring experience.
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