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Upptäck styrkan med Skooler + Microsoft 365

Vår målsättning är att digitalisera svensk skola. Skooler + Microsoft 365 är en kraftfull kombo, men det krävs utbildning för att utnyttja dess fulla potential. På dessa sidor har vi samlat introduktioner till verktygen, intressanta webinarer och tips & tricks. Mer avancerade kurser går att beställa inom Skooler Academy.

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Global Training Manager

As Global Training Manager at Skooler, Eva supports school districts all over the world in using educational technology. She has developed curriculum that supports 21st Century Skills building.

Previously she was a Project Leader and Pedagogical Advisor for schools all over Norway. Prior to that, as a Special Education Coordinator she worked closely with national organizations while certifying one of the first few schools in Norway as Dyslexia-Friendly. She has taught all grades from 1st to 13th grade.

Eva is a lector, and is certified by both Apple and Microsoft. She collaborates with app developers, and was CEO of an EdTech consulting firm. For 14 years she was Senior Counselor for the State of California, where she achieved top results with pupils needing accommodation and led the Northern California Assistive Technology Team.

Eva has a passion for helping students with communication and learning challenges become more independent using technology. She also finds supporting schools in implementing good technological solutions to be very rewarding.

Eva Steffensen
Global Training Manager and Innovative Educator Master Trainer