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Microsoft Showcase Schools

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Optimize learning with Microsoft 365 + Skooler + Loops

Skooler is a collection of Learning Tools deeply integrated with Microsoft 365 and Teams, turning the combined solution into an easy to use and complete digital platform for learning. With all you need to manage Home-schooling and Remote Learning, in case schools are being closed. Please see our guide here for how it works and how to get started.

Loops is a visual learning path application designed to create learning journeys called ” learning loops” which let teachers build and distribute content to their students using a set of activities that you connect on a map to share with your class of team. Please learn more here.


  • One School (max 150 students) per Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert per school district
  • One Microsoft Showcase School (max 1000 students) per school district
  • One Microsoft Global Training Partner (max 1000 students) per school district

The Retail value of this offer is

  • Skooler – $6,000 USD
  • Loops – $1,500 USD

Offer period & valid regions

September 1st, 2022 thru August 31st, 2023 for Worldwide community members

Sign up period

September 1st, 2022 thru August 31st, 2023

Qualified Members

  • All MIEE (US+ International 10.000+)*
  • All Showcase School Leaders (500+)*
  • Global Training Partners (300+)**

* only available for each MIEE’s associated school

** only available for teacher training purposes, no resale


  • Current paying customers of the ISV solution
  • Customers in current pre-existing sales pipeline as of July 14, 2022 with the ISV
  • Sister schools of the MIEE schools under the same school district are not qualified

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