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Skooler Texting (SMS)

Communication between home and the school is now possible with just one tool. With Skooler SMS, all the functions you may have previously had using different suppliers can be combined.

Good communication between the school and home requires good and effective communication solutions. You get that with Skooler.

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Easier follow-up
Skooler SMS enhances dialogue! In our Parent Portal or using the Parent App, daily monitoring of school work is possible. This is also where practical messages are given. Skooler SMS makes it easy to send messages directly to parents. Between the Parent Portal, App and Skooler SMS – all communication between the school and home is brought together. By having just one solution to deal with, life just got a little easier for busy parents and teachers.

SMS is easily sent from a computer, tablet or phone
The communication through Skooler’s app and SMS provides unmatched ease of use and security.

Directly from Skooler
Send and receive text messages and manage communication directly from Skooler. All SMS messages sent from Skooler are also sent as a separate chat message and e-mail.

Quick alert on standby
The value of being able to quickly inform homes digitally via SMS and e-mail in important events, where appropriate, is high. Avoid long and time-consuming telephoning rounds for each home.

Full overview
Follow each SMS all the way to the recipient’s phone with acknowledgment of delivery status. This makes troubleshooting easy and effective. The sender sees if the message was physically delivered to the recipient.

Skoolers SMS can be synchronized with all school administration solutions.

By bringing together all dialogue in Schools, the school-home collaboration will be more transparent and effective.

  • SMS is also sent as chat and email
  • Obtain feedback
  • Receipt of incoming SMS
  • Sending SMS to individuals
  • Bulk sending of SMS to groups
  • Responsive design
  • Quick support
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Additional Products

With our additional products (add-ons) you can have a seamless and complete user experience.

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Skooler is available on all mobile platforms

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Download the Skooler Parent App. Available in Apple and Android app stores.

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