The market leading Learning Management System designed for Office 365

Modernize the teaching and learning environment, digitize tasks and drive school-wide collaboration.

Engage staff, teachers, students and parents with tools that drive optimal educational outcomes.

Empower your staff with innovative and easy-to-use technology which keeps teaching and learning at its center.

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Skooler’s tools will help you smartly integrate technology into the teaching and learning environment, modernizing processes, daily tasks and collaborate school-wide and in the classroom. The paperless classroom is within reach with Skooler’s tools for assignment, grading and assessment and tight integration helps make every task efficient. Skooler helps you be effective using the tech you are teaching.


With Skooler, using Office 365 becomes an outcome-based activity built into the everyday tasks your teachers and staff address every day. You will get work done effectively and ensure your investment in tech is rewarded with more efficient and frequent usage. Skooler also extends the power of your EdTech solution to Parents, satisfying their interest in their children’s education and your need to ensure they are a core part of your school’s teaching experience.


The market leading Skooler LMS is your secret advantage in school administration, helping keep you focused on pedagogy and people. Skooler reduces duplication of tasks, lowers costs and offers powerful school, district, state and national reporting. Skooler is the most important tool in your Office 365 tool belt and your leading partner in education.