Enjoy the flexibility of hybrid learning with Skooler and Microsoft 365


Skooler is a K-12 learning tools solution built around Microsoft 365 and hosted in Microsoft Azure. It enhances the powerful functionality and workflow of Teams, OneNote, Word, PowerPoint and more to meet the unique needs of education for online and in-class education.

Teachers and students use one platform that includes tools for educational planning, assignments and feedback. Student and home communication is fully integrated and easily available through the Parent app or parent portal – no need to switch out to a separate email or messaging system.

Our tools are integrated with Microsoft 365
Skooler is available on all devices with a single easy-to-deploy solution.

Why Skooler?

Technology is a powerful teaching and learning tool, but the EdTech landscape often appears cluttered and complex. Many schools have an endless array of platforms, apps and devices to choose from – and endless deployment and training challenges that follow. Because these tools lack integration and consistency, schools often end up replacing inefficient paper activities and processes with equally inefficient digital solutions that generate frustration and pain among school leaders, educators and students.

Skooler is here to help with one single interface solution.

Skooler gives you…

  • Educational planning
  • Formative and summative progression assessments
    —> easy grading tools
  • Group, self and peer assessment
  • ILP/IDP (Individual Learning/Development Plans)
  • Self-correcting tests
  • Registration of absences and remarks
    —> easy attendance tool
  • Seating charts and class lists
  • Photo gallery
  • Easy communication via chat and messages
  • Personal portal and app for students
  • A separate app for parents and guardians

mConnect app
by Skooler

Use Moodle to organize your courses and Microsoft Teams for collaboration, teamwork and availability


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Build Confidence in Hybrid and Remote Learning, Home-School Communication, Planning, ILP & Assignments.

 Making the Transition to Remote Learning

Build Confidence in Hybrid and Remote Learning

October 28th
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Remote Learning

Even if you are not in the classroom, you can still teach.

Customer References

The Norwegian School in London

“Now everyone, both teachers and students, uses the same programs and has the same understanding of the programs. Being integrated into Skooler makes it easier for the youngest students to find the right program.”

Cornerstone Christian Academy

“Skooler is wonderful and is a game changer for our school. It is forcing the standards to be adhered to. It is bringing our parents, teachers and technology together like we have never been able to do before.”

Göteborgs Högre Samskola

“With Office 365 and Skooler, the students get help with structuring their school work and they also learn to work with programs that they benefit from in the future.”

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