7 ways to make the assignment process easier

You put a lot of energy, creativity and effort into planning and managing assignments – from designing and assigning them to answering questions, checking up on whether they’ve been turned in and finally grading them. But does corralling assignments ever feel like this?   Here are seven ways to make your assignment process easier, from […]

Bringing accessibility to education with Office 365

More than one billion people in the world have some form of disability. Yet when technology reflects the diversity of all who use it, there are no limits to what people can achieve. Through Office 365 and Windows 10, Microsoft wants to make it easier for people with learning disabilities to achieve more at home, […]

Using project-based learning in the classroom

As more emphasis is put on the global workplace, teachers are finding ways to prepare students for how to solve real-world issues.    What is project-based learning? While there are many ways to lead a classroom, project-based learning is gaining some traction. Project-based learning is a dynamic classroom approach in which students actively explore real-world […]

10 Ways to Fight Bullying in Your School

October is National Bullying Prevention Month, and schools across the country are engaging in dialogue, developing policies and taking action to raise awareness about bullying and to foster school environments that are safe and supportive. While bullying is an issue throughout the year, there are a number of great organizations using this month to draw […]

“Mr. A” you may not know this but you changed my life.

A letter from our Regional Executive Sales Representative, Gustavo Perez, to his favorite childhood teacher Twenty-four years ago when I walked into your eighth-grade classroom I wasn’t quite sure what to make of you – you were just so damn happy and excited to be there with us. I wondered if you knew the backstory […]

How to use Microsoft OneNote as a digital whiteboard

Chalkboards have been used in schools for more than 400 years. White boards entered classrooms in the 1990’s, and schools are now installing Interactive White Boards. Meanwhile, many teachers have experienced the benefits of using Microsoft OneNote as a digital whiteboard in the classroom, without the costs. If you already have a basic understanding of OneNote, […]

Five proven ways to improve communication with parents

Good communication between teachers and parents is vital to ensure that both are working toward the same goals—helping students learn and grow. The ability to easily communicate with parents helps them stay informed about the status of their child’s schoolwork (meaning no surprises), and it helps parents be a part of their child’s education both […]

5 Ways to boost learning using formative assessments

If you aren’t using formative assessments yet, you are missing out on a way to gather valuable information that informs your teaching while setting your students up for success. What are formative assessments? When we talk about assessments in education, the focus is often on the summative or final assessments. While summative assessments conducted at […]