How to use Microsoft OneNote as a digital whiteboard

Chalkboards have been used in schools for more than 400 years. White boards entered classrooms in the 1990’s, and schools are now installing Interactive White Boards. Meanwhile, many teachers have experienced the benefits of using Microsoft OneNote as a digital whiteboard in the classroom, without the costs. If you already have a basic understanding of OneNote, […]

Five proven ways to improve communication with parents

Good communication between teachers and parents is vital to ensure that both are working toward the same goals—helping students learn and grow. The ability to easily communicate with parents helps them stay informed about the status of their child’s schoolwork (meaning no surprises), and it helps parents be a part of their child’s education both […]

5 Ways to boost learning using formative assessments

If you aren’t using formative assessments yet, you are missing out on a way to gather valuable information that informs your teaching while setting your students up for success. What are formative assessments? When we talk about assessments in education, the focus is often on the summative or final assessments. While summative assessments conducted at […]