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State standards are integrated

Educational planning

Skooler supports educational planning

Using the Plans tool, teachers and school leaders can work together to easily create period, weekly, semester and year plans.

The plans can utilize competency goals automatically obtained from integrated state standards.

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Add local goals

In addition to the state standards/core competencies being available in Skooler, we have added the opportunity to add local goals for each school.

For example, by using this feature, you can define your own social or learning goals within each subject.

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Break down your competency goals

Within plans, there is room to add models and resources as well as breaking goals down into criteria and objectives.

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Effective planning that is easy to share with others

The more you work on breaking down goals and getting specific, in the district or at the individual school level, the easier future planning becomes.

The planning tool is therefore used most often at the start of a new semester or school year. The plans can easily be changed as needed. The annual plans that are generated in Word format can easily be shared with other teachers and other schools, while giving teachers the ability to customize the plans for their classes and students.

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Skooler Plagiarism Check

Are you sure your students are submitting their own schoolwork? Or have they copied others’ work?

With Skooler Plagiarism Check you discover copied content with the world’s most effective plagiarism detection solution.

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With Skooler you quickly, easily and effectively create structure for your educational learning processes:

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Skooler is available on all mobile platforms

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Download the Skooler Parent App. Available in Apple and Android app stores.

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