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Easier and more secure follow-up

School-home collaboration and cooperation

Good communication between school and home requires good and effective communication solutions. You get that with Skooler.

Skooler offers an app for parents. This works on both smartphones and tablets. The app provides parents with information about their child and can communicate with the teacher quickly and easily.

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Get information about your child and communicate quickly and easily with the teacher.

  • See what assignments are due
  • View the status of the assignments
  • Get an overview of grades
  • Receive feedback when the assignments are corrected
  • Easy access to planning and schedules
  • See status/overviews of student conversations
  • Obtain an overview of assessments for the current school year
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Send and receive messages to and from school

View your child’s experiences in the photo gallery.

Follow your child’s absence – just one tap away

The calendar always keeps you updated.

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Skooler Texting (SMS)

Always prepared

To make communication between the school and home even easier, Skooler offers an additional product – Skooler SMS – that gives you additional ease of use and security – especially by being able to quickly alert you to illness, emergency preparedness and other important events.

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With Skooler you quickly, easily and effectively create structure for your educational learning processes:

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Skooler is available on all mobile platforms

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Download the Skooler Parent App. Available in Apple and Android app stores.

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