Create assignments and review progress

Good assessment practices

Everything together in one place

We have made it possible to do assessment work within familiar Microsoft tools such as Word and PowerPoint. Evaluating progress is now simple and time-saving.

Create tests and assignments in record time

You also don’t have to spend time correcting tests as Skooler offers self-correcting tests.

In addition, students can do both partner evaluations and self-assessments.

Quick and easy

When creating an assignment or test, one can easily link it to competency goals..

These can often be interdisciplinary, and the assessment can be done both against an individual student or as a group assessment.

Formative and summative assessments

In our ILP module, both formative and summative assessments for each student are gathered in one place. This is available to teachers, students and guardians.

Skooler Plagiarism Check

Are you sure your students are submitting their own schoolwork? Or have they copied others’ work?

With Skooler Plagiarism Check you discover copied content with the world’s most effective plagiarism detection solution.

With Skooler you quickly, easily and effectively create structure for your educational learning processes:

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