Disruptive technologies transform the way students learn

Incorporating new forms of technology into classrooms helps students in many ways. While the most common forms of technology that teachers use are designed to build on what they are currently teaching, the idea of using technology to transform how students learn is constantly evolving. But make no mistake, the increase in use of technology […]

Life skills 101: Being organized leads to success

Most of us know what it’s like to work with someone who is very organized. They are always on time for meetings, send deliverables before they’re due and keep their desk neat. While sometimes these people are laughed at for being OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), they tend to be very focused on getting the job […]

Improving STEM education by creating transformative learning experiences

Most children are inherently interested in learning new things and exploring the world around them. They’re like sponges, wanting to soak up new information. It is a time when an educational foundation can be created, and ideas and concepts that are shared can help set children on many interesting paths in life. Exploring new ideas […]

Press Release: Skooler and Aros Cloud Partner to Deliver Advanced Learning Management System in Denmark

Aros Cloud selected as primary reseller of Skooler to help teachers, parents and students improve communication and raise academic performance Moss, Norway, May 9, 2019 – Skooler, the leading learning management system (LMS) provider for Office 365, and education-focused digitalization specialist Aros Cloud, today announced a strategic partnership where Aros Cloud has been selected as […]

Show teachers and staff how much you appreciate them during Teacher Appreciation Week

People who choose to become teachers do so because they enjoy helping others succeed and working with children. It’s definitely a labor of love. While teachers deserve our appreciation every day of the year, Teacher Appreciation Week, May 6 to May 10, 2019, gives all of us – as administrators, support staff, parents, students and […]

All parents aboard!

Having consistent communication between teachers and parents is paramount to a child’s success in the classroom. While teachers take the lead in instruction, parents need to be actively involved at home in order to support their child’s educational journey. How critical is teacher-parent communication? According to Teacher.org, “Administrators find that the less a teacher communicates […]

5 Things City and Suburban School Districts Can Learn from their Rural Counterparts (and how EdTech will help you get there…)

There’s a lot of discussion about the urban-rural divide in education. Rural districts often struggle to keep pace as their counterparts in city and suburban public school districts, funded by larger tax bases, can offer their students and teachers more resources. But there are a few key areas where rural school districts really shine. We’ll […]