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Skooler users get free access to a brand new game-based learning platform for use in all subjects

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Hey you,

Skooler has entered into a partner agreement with Wittario  – a company that has developed a platform for outdoor learning games.

The key words are: outdoor movement, collaboration, play and learning.

The goal of Wittario is to use technology to provide even better learning – on the students’ terms.  We know that a high degree of involvement improves learning outcomes. We also know that physical movement has a positive effect on brain activity. If we add increased student motivation by using game mechanics – then we have the three theoretical cornerstones of Wittario.

The solution allows teachers to easily and quickly create assignments that in turn can be sorted into thematic assignment collections. The assignment collections are designed to be shared, so there are great opportunities for collaboration between teachers and schools. The teacher places waypoints on a digital map and allocate a task to each of the waypoints. An even faster game setup is distance play. Here a distance is set and the tasks will be automatically distributed on the distance. In this way, games can be created no matter where the students are located. Classes can be divided into groups, or students can solve the assignments individually.

It is possible to provide additional information for each task in the form of internet content such as video, web pages, images, etc. That’s why Loops, also a Wittario and Skooler partner, is a brilliant complement when designing game content. Loops content can be easily used to create great learning games.

Test ready-made games

As one of the most experienced Skooler users, we want to give you access to three ready-made Wittario games that you can test right away:

As a teacher, how can you realize digital outdoor school for your students?

Test out Wittario in this outdoor school example game!
All subjects can be played outside, ideal for science, mathematics and social studies.
Game code: 216707

Good Covid-19 infection control in school

What is good infection control and what rules apply?
Game code: 254662

How to do outdoor homework

Want your students to be active when doing homework? All subjects can be given as homework through the Wittario app; distance games are best suited for this.
In this game example the subject is Human Rights.
Game code: 431345

For more information about the games and how to proceed, see the Wittario website.

Ready made games for education (wittar.io)

How to play

Wittario’s solution consists of  two components. Here’s a description of these, as well as information about how to test:

Wittario app – which students use to navigate between records and to solve tasks. Wittario App is downloaded from the App Store  and  Google Play. To test the pre-made games above, here’s how:

  1. Download the Wittario app and select “Create Account” (it is free)
  2. Log in and tap on “Game code”
  3. Enter the code of the game you want to try (see below) and get started

Wittario Manager – an online platform where teachers can create their own games. You can register a new  admin  user yourself  here.

Review our tutorial videos to get started creating your own content, or access our  game library  consisting of over 200  ready made  games.

Promotional offers to Skooler customers

You can share the three  game codes with your colleagues, or they can create their own free  Wittario  Manager  accounts.

Both options have full free functionality until May 15.

The account works fine after this, but then with somewhat limited functionality.

Campaign Cupon

The first 100 people who order Wittario Premium with the code SKOOLERCAMPAIGN will receive a 40 percent discount when ordering before May 15. Prices and booking links can be found on our website.


If you have any questions about Wittario – do not hesitate to contact them directly on post@wittar.io.

Good luck in the knowledge hunt!