mConnect by Skooler


Before you start

The mConnect app by Skooler (“the app”) connects to and fetches information from two platforms that need to be installed before you can start the setup process explained on this page.

These two platforms are:

  1. Microsoft Office 365 with Teams
  2. Moodle™ learning management system. Version 3.5 is required and version 3.8 is recommended to utilize all services offered by the app, such as fetching all groups in a specified course.

For the app to be able to access all the information it needs from both O365 and Moodle™, the proper access rights must be assigned to the app during the setup process. This can only be achieved if a Moodle™ user with admin rights and a O365 Azure AD user with Global Administrator (not regular admin) rights are taking part in the setup process.

If you don’t have these two users available, we recommend you postpone the setup process and continue when you do have both users available. Log out from all browser windows and applications using your personal Office 365 user before you log in as the Global Administrator.

1. Connecting the app to your Microsoft 365 platform

The app’s management portal can be found here:

2. Connecting to your Moodle learning management system

Now you need to prepare your Moodle installation to be able to communicate with the app. The next steps must be done by a Moodle admin user with admin rights in the Moodle installation you are connecting. Note that if you have one test Moodle and one live Moodle, you need to use the correct log-in for the correct installation.

Before you start make sure you are logged out of all other Moodle windows and sessions.

3. Additional configuration steps

In this section we have collected the recommended steps that will enhance your learning experience and get the most out of our app.

4. Optional: Microsoft Office 365 Integration plug-in

The Office 365 integration plug-in is only needed if you plan to use single sign-on between Microsoft365/Azure AD and Moodle. If you don’t plan to have this set-up right now, you can skip this whole section and skip the “OpenID Connect Authentication plug-in” as well.

mConnect get started Guide

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Moodle™ is a registered trademark owned by Moodle.