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Skooler to acquire Loops education, creating a powerhouse for K-12 education

Adding Loops Education’s powerful learning journeys and educational content creation tools to Skooler’s innovative Office 365/Teams-native suite of learning tools create an end-to-end learning solution to empower teachers with the flexible tools they need to improve education outcomes.

Moss, Norway – March 16, 2020 – Skooler, a provider of innovative learning technology for primary and secondary education (K-12), backed by Viking Venture and Skeie Capital Investment, announced today that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Loops Education, a leading learning tool and education content provider backed by Summa Equity.

Skooler currently supports K-12 students in 9 countries with its unique Microsoft Teams and Office 365native learning tools, such Planning, Assignments, Assessments, Gradebook and solutions for Parent Communication and Involvement. Loops Education supports teachers through its pedagogical learning and content solutions, with embedded formative assessment. Combined, this will allow all customers to enjoy fully integrated workflows throughout learning tools, learning content and Microsoft Office 365 and Teams.

Existing Skooler and Loops Education customers and partners will benefit from additional investment and functionality in their learning tools, including continued integrations with Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Teams, Student Information Systems (SIS) and School Administration Systems (SAS), as well as access to robust formative educational functionality.

Skooler’s acquisition of Loops Education is consistent with its goal of empowering teachers, students, and parents with streamlined technology workflows that save time, create efficiencies and improve outcomes in the delivery of K-12 education. By adding Loops Education’s market leading content and unique tools to create customized learning journeys, the new combination will provide teachers with the tools and content they need to create more engaging educational experiences.

“Skooler’s mission is to make school life easier for students, parents, teachers and school leaders,” said Tor Ove Henriksen, CEO of Skooler. “Adding Loops Education’s suite of lifelong learning content and educator tools allows us to enable teachers and students to have more engaging and inspiring interactions and support more creative learning processes. Skooler’s unparalleled integration of learning tools in Microsoft’s Office 365 and its world-class Teams collaboration tool, allows us to support for all learning workflows from kindergarten through high school, both inside and outside the traditional classroom setting. Together with Loops, we will be in a unique position to enable true formative learning processes.”

Partner in Viking Venture and Chairman at Skooler, Joar Welde comments: “As the leading Nordic software investor, Viking Venture has backed Skooler’s growth and ongoing success since 2016. We will continue to support the company as it continues to build momentum as a leading provider of education content and technology both at home in the Nordics and abroad.”

About Skooler

Skooler was founded to improve the educational experience for teachers, students and parents. Historically, schools have often used many disparate applications with little or no integration between them. Skooler makes life easier in schools by providing a fully featured suite of learning tools that are integrated natively into Microsoft Office 365 and Teams, while supporting other third-party systems used in schools. Skooler currently serves educational institutions across 9 different countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Sweden and Norway. Skooler is backed by Viking Venture and Skeie Capital Investment, alongside employees and other private investors.

Contact Person: Tor Ove Henriksen, CEO, (

About Loops Education

Loops Education strives to make learning accessible and engaging in a world that places higher demands on continuous development. Schools, companies and organizations need access to digital learning of high educational quality. Developed in collaboration with active educators, Loops is a digital platform and learning environment to help educators create and share meaningful learning processes. Educators can combine their own content with resources from the web for visually interesting and engaging teaching, with support for formative assessment and educational planning. Loops Education is backed by Summa Equity.

About Viking Venture

Viking Venture is the leading Nordic Software Investor with more than NOK 2.6 billion under management. Founded in 2001, Viking Venture is an active minority investor in growth stage business to business Software companies in the Nordics.

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About Summa Equity

Summa Equity is a thematic investment company with Nordic focus with more than EUR 1.4 billion under management. Founded in 2016, Summa Equity invests in companies within Resource Efficiency, Changing Demographics and Tech-enabled Businesses. Summa Equity is amongst the first Private Equity firms to commit to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and its investments are aligned with these.

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