Press release: Skooler and SIS Global announce new partnership for Sub Saharan Africa Learning Market.


Release Date 21th November 2019

Skooler and SIS Global announce new partnership for Sub Saharan Africa Learning Management Market.

SIS Global South Africa have been selected as ‘Primary Reseller’ of Skooler to help teachers, parents and students improve communication and raise academic performance across Africa.

SIS Global is excited to announce their strategic partnership with Skooler. This appointment marks a significant step in the evolution of SIS Global Education’s plan to continue developing and investing in growing its portfolio of Microsoft’s Modern workplace technologies. “The partnership enables SIS Global to build on our successes achieved so far, in Higher Education for K-12 institutions and will allow K-12 institutions to leverage their existing Microsoft Office 365 investment, to provide schools with an LMS suitable for a 21st century classroom“ says Ian Bayley, Executive Head of Education , SIS Global

We are very excited about SIS Global’s deep educational expertise and believe that together we can contribute considerably to the digital transformation of Education across Africa going forward”, said Tor Ove Henriksen, CEO of Skooler. “With the ongoing digitalization of the education system, teachers, parents and students need technology that will ultimately help prepare today’s students for tomorrow’s challenges. Skooler has proven the merit of bringing usability and workflow flexibility to the forefront of the LMS, taking significant market share from previous generation vendors as a result. Partnering with SIS Global will help educators across Africa reap the benefits of Skooler’s advanced learning management technology.”

SIS Global can demonstrate industry knowledge and expertise, as well as consistent, highquality, service and solutions to its education customers. The power of this evolving partnership demonstrates business leadership and will drive success through strong growth in the recruitment of new customer additions and increased revenues and will leverage Microsoft technologies as the solution platform.

The Skooler Learning Management System for Microsoft Office 365 is an educational platform that helps teachers to organise their materials online, present information to their students in creative ways, collaborate with other teachers and easily communicate with parents. Features including digital whiteboards, rewards programs and communication tools are designed to foster creativity within students, improve engagement with parents and reduce the amount of time it takes teachers to plan, organise and share lesson plans. Because Skooler is fully integrated with Microsoft Office 365, it provides a familiar interface that is easy to use and doesn’t require switching of applications to move from school management functions into lesson planning, teaching or parental communication.


About SIS Global

SIS Global helps higher education institutions to attract more students, improve results and accelerate business growth, enables next-generation student experiences and optimises the entire student lifecycle – from admissions to graduation. Through technology we amplify student and staff capabilities, enable better student relations with Dynamics 365, improve all-round experiences with Office 365 and enhance staff campus and student management platforms with Azure.

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About Skooler
Skooler began in 2016 with the goal of building a complete and fully integrated solution that reduces complexity and more deeply engages teachers, students and parents while modernizing the processes inside and outside the classroom. The Skooler Learning Management System is tightly integrated with Microsoft Office 365 and is designed to raise student performance and prepare students for the modern world.

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