Integrating SSO with mConnect

Introduction Investing correctly into Learning management systems and accompanying tools are essential now more than ever as remote learning becomes more regularly practiced. Skooler’s mConnect application joins the collaborative aspects of Microsoft Teams with the Power of Moodle to boost your educational institution’s online learning strategies. Within this article we will be exploring how an […]

Skooler recap of 2020…

As we enter this holiday season and look forward to a new year, it’s tempting to look back at 2020 and see only the challenges it presented to us – because there were so many. Yet inside those roiling clouds there have been some silver linings. And as we bring this tumultuous year to a […]


Creating value with Personal/Individual Learning Plans

When you have good assessment practices in place for both ongoing and final assessments, everyone benefits. And with the right tools, like the ILP/PLP, assignment and assessment tools in Skooler, teachers can save time and make parent-teacher conferences more effective and enjoyable (no surprises). Assignments and assessments are much more than bookends of learning, they […]


Informed parents are engaged parents!

Teachers and parents/guardians share a common goal— giving children the tools they need to succeed in education. One of the easiest ways to achieve that goal is to keep the lines of communication open between teachers and parents/guardians, thereby fostering a strong partnership that helps build a solid educational foundation that can last a lifetime. […]