Informed parents are engaged parents!

Teachers and parents/guardians share a common goal— giving children the tools they need to succeed in education. One of the easiest ways to achieve that goal is to keep the lines of communication open between teachers and parents/guardians, thereby fostering a strong partnership that helps build a solid educational foundation that can last a lifetime. […]

The mConnect app is enhancing the Online Student Experience

Just about any conversation about school, be it K-12 or at the higher education level, will, at some point, include the phrase “the new normal.” The world of education has changed. And for all the trials and challenges of managing education during a pandemic, we have also learned a few things that can make our […]

Planning tool

With our planning tool teachers can easily distribute lesson plans and newsletters. You’ll see how easy it is to incorporate and keep track of educational/state goals. We will also show how plans are integrated into student calendars. Join us using the link below!

Tuesday, November 17th 8am PST (11am EST)

Positive feelings promote learning

Good communication has always been a hallmark of creating a positive learning environment. It builds stronger, more trusting relationships between teachers and students. And being “seen and heard” by a teacher can inspire students to want to engage more in the learning process. In today’s new normal, where school often involves remote teaching, maintaining a […]