School Closures ― Remote Learning helps students to stay on track

“The number one antidote to fear is preparation.” ― Don Hutson While the threat of a pandemic is certainly a timely reason for every school to consider options for distance learning, having this capability is key to building resilience for schools in general. Whether for entire schools, as in the case of weather or health-related […]

Shifting culture toward a growth mindset orientation

The idea of “growth mindset” began in the world of education and is now a rapidly emerging trend in the corporate world, as companies embrace its tenets as a way to foster innovation and build a resilient, learning-oriented company culture. The concept was first introduced by Stanford University researcher Carol Dweck, whose pioneering research demonstrated […]

A networked world calls for a collaborative workforce. Are your students prepared?

Critical thinking, collaboration and group problem-solving are crucial skills in today’s world. At a global level, we’re facing major issues related to food, water, climate, resources and technology that will only be solved through collaborative innovation. Complex problems require people not only to think critically on their own, but to be able to work together […]

A complete digital toolbox together with Office 365

We’re busy getting ready to travel to The Bett Show in London, UK from January 25-27, 2020. Bett is the first major education technology industry show of the year, bringing together the top companies, schools and influencers for three intensive days of education and networking. We’ll be exhibiting at the Norwegian Classroom (stand SS32 ) […]

Got Teams? Just add Skooler to create a full-featured LMS

Collaboration is a powerful skillset to have – whether it’s in the boardroom or the classroom. For teachers, it’s critical to collaborate with parents so that they are aware of what is being taught in the classroom and can better support their children at home. However, what often goes unnoticed is the collaboration between teachers, […]